technology + accountability
Our Work

Our Work

REVISION works at the intersection of emerging technologies, successful futures, and technology-induced unintended consequences.

When the market economy is extractive and public regulation is too slow, we need a new governance system that is able to act across borders and accommodate for rapid technological innovation.

We are building a global framework for governing exponential technologies and their related economic, environmental and social impact with a special focus on increasing foresight through risk identification and mitigation through an active accountability mechanism.


The REVISION repository operates with the following four layers:



REVISION facilitates offline and online expert groups for surfacing technology-induced risks related to specific domains.



All risk data is tagged, searchable and open to the public.

  • Data for policy-makers: The platform interfaces with policy-makers, helps them understand the risk landscape of specific technologies and draft policies based on a pool of hard evidence.
  • Data for investors: The database serves as a resource for investors to map out ventures with the highest strategic relevance and lowest consequence severity during the due diligence process.
  • Data for organisations: The database helps organisations mitigate the risks of their technologies and be more transparent and responsible with their operations.
  • Data for civil society: The database democratizes access to risk information that will lead to more informed user/consumer choices and empowered civil action.



After the risks have been identified, they are rated based on their probability and their perceived consequence severity.



The evidence relating to every risk is crowdsourced over the open risk database.



The risks are assigned to specific organisations, and generate an inbox of risks openly displayed on the organisational transparency pages. The organisations have the opportunity to address these risks by mitigation or deprioritization.

Risk Identification Methodology

REVISION uses a custom-developed risk identification methodology combining scenario approaches to strategic foresight, risk assessment methodologies, and systems innovation. The methodology is collectively improved with every Challenge and publicly available under Creative Commons Licence.


The REVISION platform operates with an active accountability mechanism. Active accountability means the risks are being addressed real-time by stakeholder organisations, while every implemented measure gets recorded and made available publicly. This eliminates the need for retrospective demanding of accounts.