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Our Work

Our Work

REVISION builds a multilateral accountability network of private and public stakeholders in order to surface ethical innovation principles and accelerate their adoption world-wide.

When the market economy is extractive and public regulation is too slow, we need a new governance system that is able to act across borders and accommodate for rapid technological innovation. REVISION sets out to establish this governance system for the collaborative regulation of emerging technologies and a future that is free from the threats of a surveillance based economic order.


The REVISION index is an online database that organizes compliance data and ranks organisations based on their commitments to ethical technology principles.

We are measuring impact in 6 areas:

The assessment criteria are governed and maintained by a network of international research institutions and individual experts working in the fields of cyberethics, technoethics, digital human rights, and corporate digital responsibility.


The REVISION index builds on a database that aggregates organizational commitments under each ethical technology principle. When joining REVISION, organisations assess themselves in 6 areas based on the ethical technology guiding principles and agree to keep their commitment data up to date in the transparency database. The compliance data in the database will be used for calculating the index in future assessment cycles.

The database is publicly searchable and provides an online platform for sumitting concerns, pointing out tension areas and following organisational progress towards full compliance.


The REVISION network operates with an active accountability mechanism.

Active, peer accountability means there is mutual monitoring and real-time information sharing between the network members. Information, expertise, resources and trust are exchanged real time, while every implemented decision gets recorded and made available publicly. This eliminates the need for retrospective demanding of accounts.