technology + accountability

The Network

REVISION is a peer accountability network for regulating emerging technologies and promoting responsible leadership.


Private Organisations, Executives, and CSR Managers

  • learn about tension areas to make better decisions
  • reduce the risk of building products/services with unforeseen ethical consequences
  • get access to competitors’ self-regulation efforts
  • form cross-organisational alliances for joint initiatives towards compliance
  • advance CDR (corporate digital responsibility) efforts
  • get a chance for early compliance through self-regulation before public regulation comes into effect

Research Bodies, NGOs, Independent Researchers

  • bring socio-ecological expertise
  • surface, refine and govern ethical technology principles and related organisational assessment criteria
  • research, document, and analyze organisational commitments and best practices
  • collect data on tension areas and violations
  • contribute to better governance of emerging technologies
  • voice concerns publicly

Policymakers and the Public Sector

  • get insights on self-regulation and policy gaps
  • get a better understanding of ethical technology-related tension areas
  • get access to firsthand data to base policy decisions on
  • work in a multi-stakeholder environment for better policy proposals

Civil Society

  • raise ethical technology-related concerns
  • help refine the ethical technology assessment
  • whistleblow anonymously

Acceptance Criteria

For research bodies and experts:

  • published research on ethical technologies (or related topic) OR
  • working in the field of ethical technology OR
  • accredited research institution

For organizations:

  • a public commitment to ethical technology principles (published on their website) AND
  • have a dedicated person responsible for keeping their complinace data up to date

After joining the network, we expect full commitment and transparency from every network member.

Applications will soon be open.

In the meantime, feel free reach out to if you have any questions.