About us

The network for a human-centric and technology-driven society.

Revision is a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting education in the field of future technologies, advancing an open knowledge culture, supporting public discourse on technological innovation and fostering the participation of citizens in shaping the(ir) technological future.

In particular, the foundation focuses on:
  • Promoting democratic values in the digital age by advocating for basic and freedom rights as well as lowering the entry barrier for democratic participation in the Internet.
  • Expanding data protection by promoting data sovereignty for all citizens.
  • Improving social safety by supporting initiatives that embrace resilient, decentralized social safety nets adapted to the challenges of the future.
  • Sustainable economic growth fostering a transition from a profit-oriented economic system towards a purpose-driven economic system.

For this purpose, Revision builds networks with members from politics, business, science and society. The aim is to take a multidisciplinary look at how we can shape a society grounded in humanistic values in an increasingly technological future.

To fulfill its mission, Revision supports the following activities:
  • Regular, public events, such as roundtables and other discussion formats on socially relevant topics at the interface of future technologies.
  • Creating and operating online and offline platforms to make innovations from areas such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and IOT accessible to a wider audience.
  • The publication of articles, tutorials, indexes and summaries of research on complex technology topics so as to enhance their understanding for all interested parties and people with no affinity to technology.
  • Consulting, training and supporting of social entrepreneurs in the field of technological innovation.