Where future technologies meet social change.

How do we reach a more human-centric and purpose driven society in the digital age?

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Revision explores the transition to a more human-centric future.
This Event will be partially dezantralized. Plan for two inspirational days across Berlin.

#REVISION18 at a glance

  • +10 CO-CREATOR SUMMITS all over Berlin on November 19th
  • +100 SPEAKERS will drive multi dimensional Panels and high quality talks.
  • +10 ARTISTS will feature progressive art forms approaching the topic of the summit from a different angle.
  • At THE CHALLENGE SPACE, experts will try to develop solutions for pressing problems of the future and leading deep-dives into topics of both technical and non-technical nature.
  • The FOUNDCOURT will be a place to chill out and will take a crucial part in the summit being all about connecting.
  • +20 ROUND TABLES will feature curated conversations in small circles.

Focus tracks

Democratic Values

Disengaged Citizen
Engaged Citizen

Data Privacy

Disempowered Digital Citizen
Sovereign Digital Citizen

Social Security

Centralized Social Systems
Decentralized Social

Economic Growth

Profit Economy
Purpose Economy


The main venue

In the heart of the capital:
Kraftwerk Berlin

At Revision, the Kraftwerk will open the doors for keynotes and high quality talks in a way the emerging tech community has never seen before: original stories that entertain and speak to the social Zeitgeist. In parallel to the main stage, the historic Kraftwerk will become alive with breakout sessions, side stage talks, panels, roundtables and more intimate workshops around both technical and non-technical deep dive topics.

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Reach 20.000 people across all channels & be recognized as a thought leader and a major player in the decentralised internet revolution at the leading event in Europe. Contact us for a tailored offer.

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Join us in the heart of Berlin for 2 days of extraordinary summits, workshops, meet-ups, talks & parties. We will make sure you'll have a freaking good time, learn a lot and make valuable connections.

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