Your project's changelog, now shareable, embeddable, and awesome.

Are you a Rails Rumble Judge?

You'll Love Our GitHub Integration

It can be hard to remember everything that's happening in a project. That's why integrates with GitHub to automatically populate with the latest commits. You can turn commits into changelog entries with one click.


Embed Your Changelog Anywhere

Your website. Your company blog. Anywhere your customers or team can go, goes. Copy and paste the iframe snippet somewhere useful.

RSS / Twitter / Email Alerts

Now your customers and internal team can receive product updates however they want without any hassle. Your RSS feed is automatically updated. Connect your company’s Twitter account. Hook into Mailchimp or set up custom lists.


Simple Setup

Get a project up and running in seconds.


Team Collaboration

Your entire team can use to add new entries to the changelog.


Easy to Share provides web landing pages, email alerts, and RSS feeds for all of our projects.